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April 26

We're proud to announce that Juta's new (11th) album, "Albion", has been released today (April 26). The details are here and the full previews are here.





April 12

Guess what? Yes, it's coming soon!





March 6

"Nagual 3" will be released from txt recordings. Juta contributes music to the compilation. You can pre-order it on txt recordings website.





February 24

Juta will pass his 10th debut anniversary this year and release his 11th album after a three-year hiatus. We will let you know once the details are set.


January 31, 2017



How sad... John Wetton, great bassist, singer, and composer, has passed away this morning. I heartily love his vocals and bass play on "Exiles" by King Crimson. Goodbye John, RIP


- Juta Takahashi