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June 26

"Nagual 3" will be shipped next week from txt recordings.





June 18

Important Notice:
We're very sorry to notice that Amazon.com is selling Juta's physical releases, saying they're CD-Rs. That's WRONG. They're CD-DAs (glassmastered, factory-pressed). Though "Across the Flow", "Remembrance", and "Moonlit Flowers" were CD-R releases, they were officially SOLD OUT.

Current Physical Release Status:
01. Across the Flow (LR001): CD-R, SOLD OUT
02. The Door into Winter (LR013): CD-DA
03. Remembrance (LR003): CD-R, SOLD OUT
04. Moonlit Flowers (LR004): CD-R, SOLD OUT
05. Seabound (LR011): CD-DA
06. Quiet Rain (LR010): CD-DA
07. Hymn (LR007): CD-DA
08. Silence (LR008): CD-DA
09. Angel (LR009): CD-DA
10. Transcendence (LR012): CD-DA
11. Albion (LR014): CD-DA.



April 26

We're proud to announce that Juta's new (11th) album, "Albion", has been released today (April 26). The details are here and the full previews are here.





April 12

Guess what? Yes, it's coming soon!





March 6, 2017

"Nagual 3" will be released from txt recordings. Juta contributes music to the compilation. You can pre-order it on txt recordings website.