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Night Blooms (2018)



Juta Takahashi: Night Blooms    





"Dusk Transmission", an ambient compilation from Moody Drones, includes 'Night Blooms', a previously unreleased Juta Takahashi track.


Moody Drones says, "Our final release of 2018 is a compilation of artists from the label and friends of the label showcasing a wide range of Ambient. Twelve artists showcase the many different styles of Ambient that the label releases, not just Drone Ambient."



A Juta Takahashi track contributed to "Dusk Transmission":


Night Blooms (12:16)



The Compilation has been released on December 17, 2018.





The track number of 'Night Blooms' is 3.





'Night Blooms' is available at Moody Drones bandcamp as part of "Dusk Transmission".


The full preview is available here.