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Pleochroism (2019)



Juta Takahashi: Pleochroism (nt15)





Beautiful deep drones from Japan. Nothing cluttered. Precise clean layers of sound.

The thirteenth album of Juta Takahashi, entitled "Pleochroism", has been released in December, 2019, from Neotantra. The album consists of following four long-form ambient tracks.

1. Pleochroism 1 (14:22)

2. Faint Light (10:54)

3. Pleochroism 2 (20:50)

4. Soarer (15:54)

Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Juta Takahashi

Recorded at Lunisolar Studio, Sendai Japan

Released on December 31, 2019, from Neotantra, UK

Juta Takahashi is grateful to Lee Anthony Norris, Neotantra label owner.

Review by Bert Strolenberg on Sonic Immersion (January 11, 2020):

"Pleochroism" is Jutaro Takahashi’s debut-release on Lee Anthony Norris Neotantra-label (motto: Tantric solutions for ears). The outcome -that sees the Japanese composer in search of microcosmic beauty- continues Jutaro’s tranquil textural work as featured on his previous albums.

A smooth, lush expanse of pastel colours sets off on the two-part title piece. The morphing synth washes feel like warm rays of sunshine on "Pleochroism 1" though create an introspective, more desolate, almost longing atmosphere on "Pleochroism 2". "Faint Light" presents a denser sound design evolving slightly mysterious as it drifts onward. Things really soothe down on the final piece "Soarer", a gentle floating 16-minute exercise of vintage soundscapes most notably elevating into ethereal realms in the second half.

With "Pleochroism" Mr Takahashi has delivered another nice introspective aural work his followers shouldn’t miss out on I recon.









"Pleochroism" is available as both factory-pressed (glass mastered) CD, limited to 150 copies, and digital download. You can purchase it from Neotantra bandcamp and their partners.