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[Juta Takahashi]

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CD Baby
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[Music Retailers]

CD Baby - A little online record store which sells albums by independent musicians.

[Internet Radio Stations]

Drone Zone - One of the 30 channels on famous SomaFM, directed by Rusty Hodge, which broadcasts ambient music.
Still Stream - US based ambient net radio station, founded by Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar), which focuses on live performances and live programs.
Ultima Thule - The longest running ambient radio program in Australia, founded by George Cruickshank.
STAR'S END - The longest running radio program (since 1976) of ambient music in the world, hosted by Chuck van Zyl.
HEARTS of SPACE - Weekly one hour radio program with space-creating, ambient and contemplative music, presided by Stephen Hill.
Galactic Travels - An electronic, ambient, and space music show, hosted by Bill Fox.
Thought Radio - Biweekly two hour radio show with electronic, ambient, spacemusic, progressive rock, and an eclectic mix of other genres, hosted by Bill Fox.
The Blind Flight - Take a journey from your imagination to the outer edges of the galaxy on The Blind Flight. The Navigator is Scott Lawlor.
Night Tides - An eclectic blend of contemplative instrumental & electronic music which combines upbeat grooves and dubs with soothing melodies that whisper softly to the soul, hosted by Renée Blanche.
At Water's Edge - A peek into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places, hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves.
Astreaux World Radio - A balanced program of ambient, new age, space, chill, meditation, and world fusion music, produced by Jim Ellis.
Ambient Sleeping Pill - Internet radio pouring out uninterrupted music for sleeping, taking naps, and other more wakeful tranquil moments.

Secret Music - Ambient and new age with Scott Raymond.
Spectral Voyages - Spectral Voyages runs the gamit of new age, ambient and space music. Join Dave Butler as he takes you on a journey through the inner dimensions of space, time and music.
Ambientesque Internet Radio - Consciously chosen, mind-soothing music selected by a living entity — not a computer generated algorithm.
New Horizons - A Radio program on Fine Music, hosted by Nev Dorrington. The music is dedicated to the classical repertoire from 1980 onwards.
Electronic Medication - One of the programs on, which broadcasts Berlin electro, electronica, chillout and ambient selected by Wolf Red.
Zoe's Zen Zone - Zoe Ehinger brings you a new show, one hour of music to refresh your mind, body and soul.
Spiral - One of the shows on RadioSpiral. Your weekly journey into oddness and obsolescence with Mike Metlay, along with his live Rants (improvised music).
Around the Campfire - One of the shows on RadioSpiral. Join Diana Smethurst (aka Gypsy Witch), and sit around the virtual campfire and listen to a themed show of beautiful ambient music.
Edison's Electronic Review - One of the shows on RadioSpiral. Join Paul Harriman (aka Edison Rex) as he showcases tracks from artists you've probably never heard, but you will be so glad you did, right there.


Brian Eno - The great originator of ambient music himself.
Vangelis - The maestro of synthesizer music. This is his official site, but is hardly updated.
Vangelis - This is an unofficial site, but is full of his information.
Pete Namlook - German master of electronic/ambient music, who founded FAX label.
Tetsu Inoue - New York based Japanese musician who has been credited as one of the top producers of ambient music.
Jonn Serrie - Star voyager, space musician.
Andrew Forrest - Artist of beautiful music from New Zealand.
Phillip Wilkerson - US artist of contemplative atmospheres, harmonic drones, and amorphous soundfields.
Forrest Fang - A multi-instrumentalist and composer whose ambient music straddles between exploratory minimalism and impressionistic soundscapes.
Shane Morris - Multi-instrumentalist and composer of ambient and electronic music, who has spent most of his life exploring and cultivating sounds and their relationships.
Boreal Taiga - Boreal Taiga was formed by ambient musician JimDe. He creates beautiful and lush ambient electronic atmospheres that are influenced by the northern hemisphere and arctic environments.

[Sites Related to Ambient Music]

Sonic Immersion - A Dutch information site of electronic music, presided by Bert Strolenberg, which mainly consists of reviews.
Hypnagogue - Sincere and penetrating reviews by John Shanahan, as one listener's opinion on ambient and electronic music.
Synth&Sequences - A Canadian internet magazine edited by Sylvain Lupari, which consists of reviews and interviews about electronic music and related artists.
Guts of Darkness - Sylvain Lupari's another site in French.
Richard Gürtler - A connoisseur of ambient music from Slovakia.
MantaRay Pictures - A lot of reviews for movies, music and books by Terry Wickham.
SYNTH CARESSES - A Space dedicated (mostly) to synth music: space, Berlin, ambient, new age and the likes.
Ambient Visions - An e-zine edited by Michael Foster, which offers a place for those who are interested in ambient, new age, electronica, electronic, space, world and experimental music.
Sequences - A British internet magazine edited by Mick Garlick, which is devoted to many aspects of electronic sounds, such as cosmic, experimental, synth rock, space rock, ambient and more.
Ambient Soundbath Podcast - A timeless listening experience for contemplation and relaxation, produced and distributed by Matt Borghi.
Hypnos Recordings - One of the truly legendary ambient labels on the planet.
Hypnos Forum - A frequent destination of ambient music listeners, artists and labels, DJs and reviewers.
EMPortal - The forum completely dedicated to electronic music.
Electroambient Space - The discerning guide to instrumental electronic music, which consists of reviews and interviews by Phil Derby. - Review site of Pete Namlook's FAX label.
FAX and Rather Interesting Galleria - Storehouse of FAX label information.
txt recordings - A UK label founded by Lee Anthony Norris and Spanish Eddie, which focuses mainly on ambient/experimental with limited releases.

[Musical Instruments]

Moog Music - No synthesizer substitutes for Moog.
YAMAHA - Japanese musical instruments maker that made legendary CS-80.
Nord Keyboards
Streetly Electronics - The home of all things Mellotronic.
Mellotron - The source for information, new and used instruments and replacement parts for Mellotrons and Chamberlins.