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August 6, 2023

Japan Post hasn't been accepting Small Packets by air destined to North America and many of European countries, due to serious reduction of flights from Japan, since November 2, 2021. Since we can't ship physical items outside Japan at low cost as before, we've stopped receiving orders for them from overseas. God only knows when Japan Post resumes accepting Small Packets by air destined to these areas.

21 months seem too long and we've decided to ship items using EMS (Express Mail Service) by Japan Post and resume receiving orders from overseas only at bandcamp, until they resume accepting Small Packets. Small Packets is the cheapest and most widely accepted way to send goods outside Japan by air, and EMS is the second cheapest one. Since EMS is registered mail service, you need to sign for your item. If you feel the shipping fees are expensive, please wait for the resumption of Small Packets.

We're unwilling to use sea mail, because it takes a long while (about a few months) and has risks of loss.

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