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Juta Takahashi: Gems (LR019)





A collection of gems that were contributed to albums from various labels

The sixteenth album of Juta Takahashi, "Gems", has been released in January, 2021. This release is a collection of Juta Takahashi tracks that were contributed to albums from various labels, except for the last track, 'Heaven'. 'Heaven' is a previously unreleased track, but it was produced about a decade ago. For some reason, it couldn't see the light for a long time.

1. Departure (7:58)

Originally released on "Beyond the Border" from Ultima Thule


2. Dreams within Dreams (19:12)

Originally released on "Liebesträume" from RadHaus


3. Night Blooms (12:16)

Originally released on "Dusk Transmission" from Moody Drones


4. Theophany (6:38)

Originally released on "tʌntrə" from Neotantra


5. Arctic Echoes (9:38)

Originally released on "MELT" from Wayfarer Records


6. Heaven (7:54)


Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Juta Takahashi

Recorded and mastered at Lunisolar Studio, Sendai, Japan


The digital artwork, "PA no 2", for the album jacket by krigl


Juta Takahashi dedicates 'Heaven' to those who lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.


Released on January 6, 2021





"Gems" has got selected as one of May 2021 Top 25 STAR'S END Releases.





Review by Bert Strolenberg on Sonic Immersion (June 7, 2021):

Through the years, Juta Takahashi composed various tracks that appeared on compilation albums from various labels. These all -with the exception of the last track- have now been compiled on the 63-minute "Gems".

The six emotive pieces feel like a warm bath due to the overall spatial sound as well as the presence of rich-colored, vibrant textures and pads. Opener "Departure" already spreads a lovely sense of soft mourning and grace shining through its gentle piano and smooth building soundscapes, thereafter taking on a calm flight through fluid-atmospheric as well as cosmic realms on the 19-minute "Dreams within Dreams". The dreamful, intrinsic calm continues on the gentle "Night Blooms" while evolving drone tapestries make up the minimalist "Theophany". "Arctic Echoes" offers pleasantly soaring textures, followed by the wondrous celestial spheres of the highly emotive "Heaven", a track dedicated to all victims of Japan's great earthquake who fly with the angels now. Here, the sense of remembrance is felt clearly.









"Gems" is available as both factory pressed (glass mastered) CD, limited to 100 copies, and digital download.


You can't purchase this album anywhere except our official store and bandcamp. No other music distribution service is available.