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Juta Takahashi: Music for Urban Promenades II (LR018)





More ambient music for urban promenades consisting of bell sound

The fifteenth album of Juta Takahashi, "Music for Urban Promenades II", has been released in October, 2020. The album consists of one long-form ambient track.

1. Music for Urban Promenades II (1:3:32)

"When I visited Yokohama, Japan in the early 2010s, I noticed I could intermittently hear a faint bell sound along the promenade of Queen's Square, an indoor shopping mall, at Minato Mirai. The sound out of hidden speakers along the promenade seemed to probably consist of clear rings of bells only, but it was refreshing and got along with the environment. Since I was impressed by the excellent ambience, I had been hoping to create more musical one. The outcome is the "Music for Urban Promenades" series. I produced the music as low-volume one. Please set the playing volume relatively low in accordance with each environment."


 Juta Takahashi



Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Juta Takahashi

Recorded and mastered at Lunisolar Studio, Sendai, Japan


Released on October 21, 2020









"Music for Urban Promenades II" is available as both factory pressed (glass mastered) CD, limited to 100 copies, and digital download.


You can't purchase this album anywhere except our official store and bandcamp. No other music distribution service is available.